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Domestic (Janitorial) Cleaning Service

Mother & Baby

Homepride offers to take the hassle out of housework with its ongoing cleaning service on a weekly or bi-monthly basis.

Please note * I only offer this service in the Sharon area*

Work can be customized to your needs, just tell me what you need.



Tiled walls spot cleaned 
Bathtubs, showers cleaned and disinfected/sanitized
Shower doors cleaned and hard water marks and limestone removed as much as can be
Vanity and sink cleaned and disinfected/sanitized
Mirrors and chrome fixtures cleaned and shined
Floors washed and disinfected/sanitized/carpets vacuumed when necessary
Toilets cleaned and disinfected/sanitized
Mildew treatment available
Cobwebs removed

Kitchen and Eating Areas  

Countertops cleaned
Outside of range hood cleaned
Top and front of range cleaned
Drip pans cleaned (when requested)
Sinks cleaned and disinfected/sanitized, chrome shined
Fronts of other appliances cleaned
Floors dealt with
Cobwebs removed
Microwave checked and wiped out if necessary
dusting as deemed necessary
 Accessible flat areas damp cloth dusted
Stairs dealt with
Closet runners vacuumed (when requested)

Sleeping and Living Areas  

All readily accessible floors vacuumed and/or dust mopped/washed
Parquet floors vacuumed and/or dust mopped/washed
Accessible flat areas damp cloth dusted
Cobwebs removed
Picture frames wiped
Inside of window sills and ledges damp cloth dusted
Louvered doors wiped over
Ceiling fans damp cloth dusted (not every visit)
Lampshades dusted (when requested)
Heavy knick-knack areas wiped

One Off Deep Cleaning

Toilet & Hand Basin Before & After Cleaning
A Deep Clean is invariably a "One off" Spring Cleaning type experience.
An intensive ceiling to floor cleaning will make your home sparkle and enhance the atmosphere.

Whether it's to help sell, rent or just to give it that top to bottom once over for your own peace of mind, a deep clean is a thorough clean.

After builders have done their changes and there is dust everywhere, it's time for a deep clean.

In preperation for that Special Occasion, it's time for a deep clean

What a Deep Clean includes

This service includes windows, shutters, screens, tracks, ceiling fans, tops of wardrobes and cupboards, and other places that are not usually cleaned. Under and behind furniture and appliances that are not usually moved. Plus all that you get with a regular janitorial clean but much more in depth.

Post Construction Cleaning - Heavy Duty

Polishing Machine

If you have a brand new home or are or had a Building Contractor, Developer, Refurbisher, Shopfitter or even a Shiputznik make major renovations Homepride will effect a special Post Construction clean.

This service is basically undertaken in empty homes before occupation.


Full window cleaning,
Floor washing and paint removal (by rotary machine if necessary). Optional Waxing or Crystal Polishing.(see relevant section).
Removal of all sticky labels from new sanitary fittings & windows
Clean floors of cement, grout, paint and plaster residue.
Clean window frames, sills of any paint and plaster.
Remove paint etc and Clean skirtings.
Clean sockets and switches.
Spot clean walls.
Clean cupboards in every room inside and out.
Clean and polish all kitchen, bedroom, living room surfaces and wood.
Clean toilets inside and out.
Wash the tiles and all basins and taps in bathrooms.
Vac or wash all floors and stairs.
Clean up around the outside of the home or balconies
Make sure all the property is dust free and ready for immediate occupation.

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

No, that's not me! I am not a lover of heights!

I do "fight grime" & clean windows in regular homes and flats though but only those that I can take out or get to without risking my overweight body. I may even get up the ladder to clean them.
I do not include windows as part of my janitorial cleaning service as to clean "windows" as I understand it means cleaning not only the glass but the insect screens, shutters (trissim) and tracks as well.

To do a half decent job takes a long time so for me it is a seperate service.

I do include the odd window however for my regulars but out of a courtesy and then its only a cursory clean of the glass

Office Cleaning

The Oval Office

That's how I keep my home office!!

The most important thing to remember regarding a commercial office is that a number of people touch the same objects many times a day therefore sanitising of these objects is paramount:

  • Door handles
  • Light switches
  • Toilets
  • Trash cans
  • Phones
  • Computer and electronic equipment

  • Empty trash bins and replace the bags. Vacuum carpetsand/or wash wood and tiled floors, sanitize door handles. Wash/wipe/polish desks, Wipe/dust window sills, shelves, wipe picture frames, spot clean doors, frames, chairs, tidy desks, check window blinds, check for dirty fingerprints.
    If the office has a kitchen then washing of the utensils and organizing them when dry makes the kitchen inviting.

    If you are a predominantly IT Office with a number of computers you need to consider proper cleaning of the workstations:

  • Screen
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
    How many germs does your keyboard conceal?
    Bugs and viruses are festering on your computer.
    A typical keyboard is infected with an astonishing 3,295 germs per square inch, Including Listeria and salmonella linger on the keys, mouse and phone for quite a time. Statistically, that makes your workstation dirtier than the average toilet!!. If you share equipment the problem intensifies. Illnesses which can be transmitted via the computer keyboard include skin diseases, rashes, eczema, fungal infections, diphtheria, thrush, herpes, gastroenteritis, gum disorders, pneumonia, hepatitis and blood poisoning. Food poisoning bugs such as e.coli, staphylococcus aureus, coliforms and enterobacteria are prevalent on dirty keyboards, putting you at high risk of becoming ill. 70% of dust is made from dead human skin cells and at work, they're just as likely to be your co-workers as your own.
    If you left a sandwich on your desk, what would it look like after 2 weeks?
    What about the breadcrumbs that fell into your keyboard 6 months ago?
    Only 41% of men wash their hands after going to the toilet.
    Who else answered your phone today?
    Computers (desktop & laptop) Keyboards, Mouses, Fax machines, Telephones, Photocopiers, Printers and Scanners are all at risk.

    Appliance Cleaning (Dry Steam)

    Oven Cleaning

    The most effective and hygenic method of cleaning is with


    If you have never experienced a power clean, you should.
    Seeing is believing.

    Give your kitchen a full deep-level steam clean to remove bacteria and built up grime.High temperature dry steam cleaning sanitises surfaces, killing the bacteria that may have built up over time. It is possible to steam clean: worktops, walltiles (especially those behind the Hob), cupboards, ovens, fridges, freezers, sink units, Microwaves, hobs, grills etc.
    Perfect for Kashering the kichen before Pesach

    See Pesach Cleaning Service Below

    Upholstery Cleaning

    Rugs, Chairs, Mattresses, Small Carpets

    Steam Cleaning Mattress
    Rug Cleaning
    Steam Cleaning Couch

    Using natural steam - The most effective method of steam cleaning kills harmful bacteria and micro organisms, whilst the area in question is cleansed, sterilised and sanitised. All bacteria, viruses, yeast and mildew are killed on immediate contact with about 250 degrees of dry steam heat.
    • Steam kills bacteria, viruses, yeast and mildew
    • Kills dust mites, fleas, etc
    • Removes pet odours


    The Cleaning Process:

    First the carpet is pre-vacuumed to ensure that loose dirt and grime has been removed. Spot stain remover or dry foam cleaner sprayed or scrubbed on stained areas. This helps to break down dirt and organic material that has attached itself to the fibers The steam process is started and repeated numerous times to loosen and clean the areas. A further vacuum is done to remove the dirt and excess moisture. Carpets and upholstery usually are pretty dry within 20 minutes unless a heavily stained or dirty area is soaked with cleaner and vacuumed numerous times.

    Please note that steam cleaning is about the safest and most naural method of cleaning just about anything.

    Leather lounge suites
    Popular choice because they are luxurious, durable, and do not readily absorb stains. Leather furniture cleaning needs special care but is somewhat more involved than the usual steam cleaning process of non leather upholstery.

    Mattress Cleaning

    Mattress Cleaning and Sanitizing with Pure natural Steam and a strong Suction vac which gets rid of all the dust mites, fungal and any harmful debris found in the mattress.


    Dust mites live on dead skin and require warm damp conditions to survive. Dust mites are often present in bedding. Many people are allergic to Dust Mite excrement.

    Regular steam cleaning of your mattresses ensures minimal dust mite populations.

    Power Cleaning

    Power Cleaning Decks
    Pressure Washer Cleaning

    A great way to keep the outside of your home looking good. With high power water pressure assisted with or without designed cleaners the dirt just drops off.
    • Garden furniture cleaning
    • Driveway Cleaning
    • Patio Cleaning
    • Deck Cleaning
    • Algae, Weed and Moss Removal
    • Oil Stain Removal
    • Tarmac cleaning
    • Exterior Surface Cleaning
    • Block Paving cleaning
    • Parking bay cleaning
    • Path cleaning
    • Home cleaning jobs

      • cleaning bicycles
      • signs
      • Stucco
      • pergolas
      • cars
      • tyres
      • trissim (electric & non electric)
      • Sure there are many more uses for power cleaning

    Pesach Cleaning

    Pesach Cleaning

    The Jews went out from Egypt in Springtime. Pesach cleaning according to Halachic Law is not such a daunting task as modern religious home owners make of it. But as Pesach coincides with Springtime most feel that it is a golden opportunity for a deep cleaning experience.
    Cleaning should not be a dreaded backbreaking exhausting experience with days of frantic cleaning which only results in the loss of enjoyment of the Chug itself.
    Modern homes are big and harbor many nooks and crevasses where chometz can reside. The traditional artificial light night searching for chometz can take time.

    This is where I can help as I have powerful machines that can vacuum efficiently and get into most of these crevasses.
    Don't be obsessed as chometz that a human wouldn't deliberately eat or is smaller than 30 microns, it is not considered chometz. Unless you can pick the crumbs up with your fingers and put them on your tongue. Chometz that a dog wouldn't eat is not considered Chometz. For example all chometz that has been contaminated with detergent and is therefore poisonous is no longer chometz.

    In any event I move your heavy appliances and furniture wherever possible and wash all the floors with a safe scented sanitizing detergent.
    Wheat, rye, barley, oats, all grain and grain derivatives, food, drinks and cosmetic products including soap made from grain or containing grain are subject to the laws of chometz and must be eradicated.
    You don't however have to sit with a needle scraping the corners of your bedroom floors.
    Cooking, eating utensils, the ingredients to cook with and cutlery; the clothes you will wear and the bed linen have to be kosher for Pesach. Particular care has to be taken in the kitchen.
    I can steam clean your hob, oven, fridge and microwave. You cannot clean the rubber seal around your refrigerator door like I can.
    Be sure to change the sheets and blanket covers as close to Passover as possible.
    I can steam clean your mattresses
    Kids toys, books can be easily checked and cleaned for chometz.
    The actual Passover furniture as well as the kitchen table and chairs must be clean as does the couch and cushions.
    Again I can help do this properly by vacuuming, steam cleaning and/or dry foam cleaning the upholstery.
    Door handles, light switches and telephones must be perfectly clean.
    I can even clean your silver kiddush cup and silver candlesticks I can steam clean your marble counters, stainless steel sinks, counter tops and the tiles behind the countertops
    A porcelain sink cannot be koshered. You must clean the sink thoroughly and then put in a raised plastic insert.
    Ventilator grilles must be vacuumed
    Carpets and rugs should be cleaned.
    With most homes having computers the keyboard needs to be cleaned and de chometzed.
    Remember the actual broom and vacuum collection bag must also be cleaned.

    Don't dread the holiday.
    Do not clean so much that you're exhausted for the Passover Seder.


    Car Interior Cleaning

    Steam Cleaning Car Door Panel

    Specialty Service (25+ years experience in car body trade)


    • Power vacuum &/or steam clean of the interior seats and carpets.
    • Windows are cleaned (inside & out).
    • Dashboard is brushed and dusted, and/or washed as needed. sheen is discreetly applied.
    • Ashtrays are emptied.
    • Air freshener is applied.
    • Vinyl/plastics and parcelshelves are cleaned & sheened where necessary.
    Exterior hand wash and hand wax service is available on request.


    Headstone Cleaning

    Maintenence of a Matzevah


    For those who cannot tend to the burial site of a deceased I offer a personal service in which I clean the Headstone and if possible rejuvinate the wording as well as:
  • Cleaning around the plot and removing litter, debris and plant matter.
  • Maintenance of grave area. Weeding and raking of leaves and pruning of plant bushes
  • Removal of surface dirt, algae and moss, bird droppings, etc.
  • Trim around the grave plot and make it look presentable, especially important before family visitations.




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